Yates Ron Stewart Signature Mahogany Bluegrass Banjo USA - 2009 - Sold

The new kid on the block everyone's raving about with distressed finish for that 1939 look, feel and sound. And it does too!

High Quality Mahogany Neck, Pre-War Style Resonator and Fat Rim
Pre-War Style Light Weight Flange
Rosewood Fingerboard, Ebony Peg Head Overlay, Mother of Pearl Inlay
Narrow Frets (worked down for easier playing and pull-offs)
Ron Stewart-designed Yates Bridge
Presto Tailpiece
Yates-made three ply maple rim
Distressed Nickel Plated Metal Parts
Spikes at 7th, 8th & 9th frets
Yates copper flashed No Hole Un-Plated Tone Ring
Schaller tuners
Steel coordinator rods

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Only one dealer presently in USA; Smoky Mountains Guitars.

Smoky Mountains Guitars says about the Yates...

"the most exciting banjo on the planet. Never have we experienced a banjo that replicates that 30’s pre-war tone and performance as these great instruments do. We know as we compared them to Ron’s 1933 original flathead and the sound is virtually identical."

Several professional players who've played it have commented:
“I can’t believe a new banjo could ever sound like a pre-war but obviously I was wrong.”
Another said “I don’t know what else you could want or need because this banjo has everything that I have not experienced in any other and that is tone and projection.”
“I’m ruined” another said “I simply must have one and eliminate the herd for this will be the banjo that I will use from now on.”

The subject of an in-depth article published in Banjo Newsletter September 2009, this banjo is making a huge impression.

In dome-top quality hard case. On consignment $3799.00 AUD - Sold

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