Backup Banjo 1

Pro Picks

Fingerpicks have double clasps for comfort fit. Metal band on thumb pick ensures they don't budge even in hot weather yet has tonal benefit of plastic striker. The best picks for the price we've tried!

Pro Picks 1 x thumb plus 2 x fingerpicks $38.00

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Customising Fingerpicks

Bluegrass solos need to ring out.  That banjo needs bite!  If you’re not wearing fingerpicks now then try them—you’ll be amazed at the tonal difference they make.

Getting used to picks after using fingers feels like dancing in wellington boots.

Every hand is unique.  Every finger is different.

Here’s how to Custom Curve your fingerpicks for real bite and the best possible fit.

Thumb picks
Plastic or metal.  Your choice.  If metal, use the ones with the rolled ends.

Thumb Pick

Must be metal. They come in several weights.

Fingerpicks Fingerpicks