Delightful, slightly shorter neck 'Vintage' open-back 5-string banjo but with same number (16) of frets as a full size open-back with frailing scoop. Constructed from specially selected timbers, hand-crafted to produce a specific sound.

Walnut neck. 25" scale. Cocobolo fingerboard with spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th frets. Curved frailing scoop. Ironbark tone ring. Walnut 11" block-rim construction pot with ironbark capping. Bikini tailpiece in stainless steel. Fancy headstock with Cocobolo overlay and pearl 'V' logo. Purple heart bridge. Walnut armrest for your playing comfort.

Fingerstyle 'Vintage' banjos feel very comfortable to play having a slightly shorter neck. This banjo can also be strung with nylon strings.

Walnut has a long grain, gives a mellow, mid-range sound and the ironbark tone ring imparts clarity and volume. All woods used in the Vintage models are environmentally friendly.

A beautifully balanced instrument, weight-wise and playing-wise, with perfect intonation.

S/No. 311

In hard case, $2390.00 AUD. (Freight and insurance in Australia, approx $90.00) - Sold

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