It's rare that Fingerstyle endorses a Chinese-made banjo. This FB59 has taken us by surprise: an ear-opener and a few gasps at the workmanship and finishing detail. Hats off to Fender. This is one stunning instrument.

As new condition. Walnut neck with maple centre stripe. Highly figured Walnut resonator. 3 ply Maple rim with 24 brackets. Brass tone ring. Rosewood fingerboard with snowflake inlays. Gold plated hardware. Geared gold-plated tuning pegs. Clamshell tailpiece. Dual coordinator rods. Adjustable truss rod with Walnut cover. Check out the detail on the headstock.

The story: couple from UK move to Australia. Wife has bought hubby a 'fresh start' pressy before leaving England. It never comes out of the case! They discover the beach, fishing, barbeques, and partying, they buy a house and sell off unwanted 'stuff'. ("Banjo's never gonna happen, babe.")

The owner of this banjo will be delighted with the attention to detail and the potential for the sound to blossom. It sounds impressive now, and with some playing the woods and the brass tone ring will give back multiples of complexity as it matures. Something only usually found in banjos valued at three times this price.This model seem to be restricted in Australia, and only distributed to UK and USA. Do yourself a favour and get on board the FB59.

Includes signature hard case. $1800.00 AUD.

Ships, insured, Eastern seaboard Australia for $95. Western Australia and Tasmania, $110.00.

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