Backup Banjo 1

Band-In-A-Box. Music Accompaniment Software. Windows XP Version.

Backup Banjo 1

Turn your practice into pleasure with this award-winning program! Simply type in the chords then choose the type of band to back you up! Band-in-a-box automatically generates a complete professional-quality backing band in a wide variety of styles.

Other benefits: Print out your chord charts! Create your own songbook! Share song files with your friends via USB or email. Enter a song in only 2 minutes then tell BIB to repeat it as many as 40 times! Slow it down to master those tricky licks then speed it up as your playing ability improves! And these are just the basics - techno bugs will rapidly move on to recording their own voice or guitar over and generating midi files.

User friendly, great lay-out, fun to use, and approx half the cost of similar programs. Turn your practice into pleasure with BIB and speed your progress!

Great for song writers and arrangers, teachers and students of any musical instrument.

2013 version of Band in a Box NOW IN STOCK!

Band in a Box (BIB) gives you the power to create your own music without having to understand how to write music. Want a backing band with a bluegrass feel, a country rock rhythm, or maybe a slow, tearful waltz? With Band in a Box, you're only a few clicks of the mouse away. Enter the chords, choose a speed and a style for the band to play in and click on 'Play'. Turn your practice into real music now and save !

Fingerstyle price, $149.00 AUD one in stock - inc postage anywhere in Australia.

Here is a gift with love, from Fingerstyle!

Over 200 band-in-a-box song files, already prepared, and ready to download in a zip file. Play all your favourite tunes with the benefit of a backing band that never gets bored!

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