BACK-UP BANJO- Up the Neck Progressive Series

Playing lots of tunes down the neck is fun - but
that's only 25% of the banjo story!

  • Unlock the mysteries of up-the-neck accompaniment!
  • Discover the formulas the professionals use to play all over the fretboard!
  • Discover the 75% of Banjo you've been missing out on!
In this series
    • To build your knowledge step-by-step
    • No music reading!
    • Easy to remember formulas turned into great sounding playing
    • Getting the most from capos and spikes
    • Professional tips to accelerate your progress
    • Hot licks to add sparkle to your playing

    Backup Banjo 1





    Volume 1 Video

    What are triads

    3 closed chord shapes

    Vamping and Damping

    The Rule of I IV V
    Capos and spiking up




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    Backup Banjo 2






    Volume 2 Video

    • Playing G family chords up the neck
    • The Skip Frets Formula
    • 3 new vamping patterns
    • Linking chords with scales
    • Changing key
    • Free Transposing Chart!



    $80.00 AUD for Vols 1 and 2 on USB stick

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    Backup Banjo 3





    Backup Banjo Vol 3 Video

    In Volume 3

    • Connecting G & D chords in 1st position
    • Vamping waltz time
    • Using an add6 chord to vamp in waltz time
    • Stripping chords down to partial chords
    • Interval scales in G & D
    • Connecting chords using interval scales
    • Vamping in D, E or F
    • Hammering into partial chords
    • Up-the-neck solos using interval scales
    • Bonus Tab - solo to John Henry in D or E using blues-boogie riffs

    1 hour Video plus 10 pages of tab/study notes

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    Backup Banjo 4




    Backup Banjo Vol 4 Video


    In Volume 4 ...

    • Using 7ths to connect chords
    • Locating minor chords the way the pros do it
    • Add6 chords made easy
    • Over-fretting the 5th string
    • Logical theory become creative banjo to suit a variety of moods and styles

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    $80.00 for Vols 3 and 4 on USB stick