Fingerstyle has designed this delightful 'Vintage' model using specially selected timbers, hand-crafted to produce the best sound.

Walnut neck. 25" scale with macassar ebony fingerboard. Frailing scoop. Macassar ebony tone ring. Walnut/Surian 11" block-rim construction pot. Fancy tailpiece. Fancy headstock with mop 'V' logo. Purple heart bridge, and wooden armrest for your playing comfort.

A-scale banjos feel very comfortable to play having a slightly shorter neck. This banjo can also be strung with nylon strings.

Macassar ebony is a very hard wood with soft tonings of brown to blonde.
Surian is a non rain-forest long-grain wood often used instead of mahogany.
All woods used in the Vintage models are environmentally friendly.

A beautifully balanced instrument, weight-wise and playing-wise, with perfect intonation - a joy to play. In quality mock-croc case, $2390.00 AUD. (Freight and insurance in Australia, approx $110.00) - Sold

(See picture of the Vintage model at 25" scale length next to standard White Swallow at 26 1/4" for size comparison.)

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