Want all the bite, grunt and chimes of a $5000 banjo without the weight and without mortgaging the house?
This Custom Bluegrass is hand crafted by Alan Funk of South Australia. It comes in at 1.5kg lighter than standard bluegrass instruments with the juice to cut it in any jam or pro recording session.

Got it where it counts: Walnut neck with pearl inlays and nut at 35mm wide. (Great tone and easy to chord). Bound Ebony fingerboard with pearl inlays and spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets. (Feels smooth under the hand and black/white makes for good contrast in any lighting conditions). Maple block rim pot and dual coordinator rods for strength and stability. Burbinga veneer resonator with side purfling. Tubaphone-style tone ring. (Plenty of volume without the weight). Gotoh geared tuners. Chrome and stainless steel hardware. (Easy to clean). Snuffy Smith 5/8" bridge for that dry and dirty sound.

Get yourself a small boutique, real bluegrass banjo, and start picking! In hard case, $3200.00 AUD - now $3000.00 AUD. Freight and Insurance Eastern Seaboard, $110.00 AUD - Sold

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