Grab a unique Australian-made banjo with a sweet, minstrel sound!

Fingerstyle has sold several banjos by this indi luthier. Stuart Newman makes spectacular guitars too. His instruments usually start at $3K.

This openback suits clawhammer old-time fiddle tunes. Shaped headstock. Top shelf geared tuning pegs by 5 Star USA. New Guinea rosewood fingerboard. Queensland Maple neck, 25.5" scale with frail scoop. Burl veneer over ply rim. Hand-rubbed Danish oil finish. Dual co-ordinator rods for simple action adjustment. Brass tailpiece with Newman logo. 5/8" Grover compensator bridge. Smooth rosewood armrest on brass platform. Carbon-fibre tension hoop on 11" pot.

Upmarket inclusions: zero nut system for frictionless, perfect intonation; and 'Stealth' 5th string - the 5th string travels down a copper tube and comes out at the headstock. No 5th string peg to get in your way! All pegs in the same place! It came strung with steel strings. We strung it with Nylguts. It likes them! We love how it's liking them... can't keep every banjo. Darnit.

Bond with this Newman and its sweet minstrel sound! In quality CNB domed hard case, $1870.00 AUD - Sold

Cold Frosty Morning

Ducks on the Pond

Spanish Ladies

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