Fingerstyle: Banjostore


Banjo Artistry Melding Tradition with New-Wave Design...

Fingerstyle is proud to present two exciting new-generation open-backs recently completed by Australian luthier, Stuart Newman. Stuart melds the warmth, beauty, and tonal qualities of selected timbers with the cutting edge of modern banjo construction. Headstock design by Wendy Holman of Fingerstyle and Stuart Newman. All inlays and decorative artistry by Stuart Newman.

New Guinea Rosewood neck with Queensland Silver Ash centre stripe. Block rim (barrel rim) construction of Bluegum and Brushbox reinforced with carbon fibre and Qld Black Wattle veneer with integral wooden tone ring. Ebony fingerboard with elaborately inlaid frailing scoop. Headstock veneer of Queensland Black Wattle. Steinberger 20/1 ratio geared tuners. Tunnel 5th string. Zero fret (no nut) system for accurate intonation. Carbon fibre tailpiece with Stuart Newman logo inlaid in shell. Neck action easily adjusted using plate and grub-screw system. Amber Elite head. Spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets.

'Urban Leaves' - with perchrod
Fretboard 'urban leaves' and scoop inlays designed by Wendy Holman.
Stylised leaves in Abalone with Pearl dots. Frailing scoop inlaid with Abalone, Pearl, Copper, and metal paint
in hard case - $3400 AUD

'Cooktown Orchid' - without perchrod
Fretboard 'blowing bubbles' Pearl inlays designed by Yvonne Beck. Frailing scoop Cooktown Orchid inlays in Pearl, Abalone and painted shell designed by Wendy Holman.
in hard case - SOLD

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