STUART NEWMAN 5-STRING OPEN-BACK - NEW - Sold - another coming! Fingerstyle: Banjostore

Fingerstyle extends a warm welcome to this Australian new designer of open-back banjos! Using innovative designs and rich tonewoods, a banjo to inspire playing pleasure and pride of ownership for years to come.

A zero fretting system for perfect action. Rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays. Tailpiece and armrest of carbon fibre. Tailpiece shell-inlaid with the luthier's logo. Reinforced wooden co-ordinator rod. Block barrel-rim construction in contrasting sections with integral wooden tone ring. Tasmanian Blackwood neck reinforced with carbon-fibre. Tasmanian Blackwood armrest and pot veneers. 11" Remo Elite head. Geared tuning pegs, spikes at 7th, 9th and 10th frets.
Low, smooth playing action. Responsive sound, warm and deep in the bass with clear singing tones in the highs. A delightful creation that will improve and develop with playing hours over the years. Fingerstyle predicts this luthier's work will become highly sought-after.

Available in either 22 fret or frailing scoop models.

Other options to individualise your banjo:
Rosewood or Ebony fingerboard
custom inlay designs
headstock design and veneers
choice of geared tuners
standard 5th string peg placement, or,
5th string peg on headstock
stain colour

COMING SOON!!! Newman No. 4 will have Steinberger tuners, 5th string peg on headstock, ebony fingerboard, frailing scoop, and custom inlays of pearl, shell and abalone with Cooktown Orchid motifs.

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