RECORDING KING M7 - Pre-Loved - 2014 - Sold

Top of the range Recording King with extras. Hand-built in USA. Honduras Mahogany speed-neck gives fast, smooth shifts up and down the neck.

Antiqued binding and peghead. Prucha-modified tailpiece for easy re-stringing. Kat Eyz bridge. 5-Star tuning pegs. Mahogany resonator with hand-rubbed distress finish. Bound Rosewood fingerboard with spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th frets. No fretwear. MOP inlays. All other hardware and parts nickel finish. Tone ring, flange etc as original. Minor scratches on skin/head either side of tailpiece, otherwise in excellent condition. Professionally set up and a dream to play - has that pre-war, mahogany growl!

In mock-croc hard case. $2900.00 AUD. Now reduced to $2800 - Sold

About speed-necks:

USA makers such as Yates, Huber and Osborne will supply a brand new prestige banjo with a speed-neck for $500 extra. The banjo is laquered as usual then the neck is hand-rubbed back to a silky finish. The grain is protected by applications of Carnauba wax (about $10 per tub). The wax is easily re-applied as part of regular maintenance. My Osborne Chief has a speed-neck and I re-apply the wax about every 3 months. The advantage of a speed-neck is that the chord hand has an almost frictionless surface to get you up and down the neck with greater speed and no drag factor - smoother slides. Carnauba wax repels dirt, scratches, and moisture. When you've played a speed-neck you won't want to go back to ordinary!

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