FENDER LEO - Pre-Loved - 1980 - Sold

A1 condition in original case. One owner.

Mahogany neck and resonator. Ebony fingerboard. Pearl inlays. Geared tuning pegs. Chrome hardware. Eagleclaw tailpiece. KatEyes bridge. Miminal fretwear (see pic). Slight patina on armrest otherwise very well looked after. Very well set up and easy to play. Terrific, rich sound with plenty of volume! Not many Leo's left now - especially ones that look, sound and feel this good to play. Long Schubb capo rail. Slight issue I have - insufficient room beside 5th string peg to allow capo screw to be 'parked in neutral'. Remedy is to set the capo to hold down the string at the 7th fret and re-tune. Plenty of rail to go!!! Alternatively, I can remove the capo rail and install spikes at 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th frets. Your call.

In original hard case. On consignment $1590 - NOW $1290! (last one here sold for $1990.) - Sold

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