IBANEZ ARTIST MAHOGANY - Pre-loved - late 1970's - Sold

Excellent condition. Copy of Gibson Masterton. Good woods, great hardware, well set up, easy to play and great sound! Very smart rig with brand new 'tuxedo' black/white case. Suit picker upgrading from beginner to intermediate level instrument.

Mahogany neck and resonator with eagle inlay. Ebony fingerboard with genuine mother of pearl flying eagle inlays. Sliding capo rail from 5th to 13th frets. Chrome hardware, two-piece flange, heavy flathead cast tone ring, dual coordinator rods, pearl logo and fancy headstock inlays. Geared tuners. Upgraded with new 5-Star frosted head, Kerchner tailpiece and Moon bridge. All tickety-boo inside and out, clean and straight and responsive, professional sound over whole fingerboard. Frets and fingerboard in very good to excellent condition.

Very smart rig with brand new 'tuxedo' black/white case. On Consignment, $1390.00 AUD - Sold

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