HUBER TRUETONE VRB - USA - Pre-Loved - 2012 - Sold

What Mastertone is to Gibson, Truetone is to Huber.

Steve Huber's banjos are highly prized and sought after. Bluegrass banjos of other brandnames are often retro fitted or custom made to include Huber tone rings; why? Because Huber is dedicated to replicating that pre-war Gibson sound. The appearance of most Hubers is quietly understated - except when it comes to the tone. They have that gritty, dry quality and quick decay, essential to prevent roll notes blurring into eachother. The expression used is "good note separation" and this Huber has it in spades. It sounds fantastic already, but will evolve into an awesome and authentic bluegrass voice. Is this your dream banjo?

Excellent condition. Mahogany resonator and neck with VRB-4 inlays. Upgraded to ebony fingerboard with flying eagle pearl inlays, white binding. Nickel plated hardware. Pre-war replica HR30 tonering and engineered maple rim. Waverly ivoroid tuners, Schaller 5th string tuner. Huber bridge. Presto tailpiece. Spikes at 7th, 9th, 10th frets.

In hardshell case. $5150.00 AUD.

Note: No fretwear. This instrument would be classified 'As New' except for 3 non-obvious chips in the lacquer. Fingerstyle continues to promote full disclosure.

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