Gibson RB250 - Pre-Loved - C1979 - Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA - Sold

There's nothing like the feel and sound of an old Gibson. This one not only has the look, playability and original components it also has the juice sound-wise!

Excellent condition. Mahogany neck and resonator show barely a scratch! Ebony fingerboard with Hearts and Flowers mother-of-pearl inlays. Double cut fiddle head with traditional Gibson pearl inlays. Original engraved "Gibson" tuning pegs. Nickel hardware. Gibson Mastertone tone ring, 3/4" ply rim, dual co-ord rods, 2-piece flange, double-bracket armrest engraved "Gibson". All genuine Gibson parts except for new Huber head, Presto tailpiece and Snuffy Smith Compensator bridge. This one not only has the looks and playability, it also has the juice sound-wise!

In superb condition for its age with original, signature Gibson case. $3390 AUD

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