DOBSON SILVER BELL - C1880 - Pre-Loved - Sold

A genuine old timey banjo from USA. Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, nickel silver frailing scoop, spun-over rim, brass hardware, 28 brackets, perch rod, straight-through tuning pegs, real skin head.

Good tone and reasonable condition for its age. Good action, presently tuned one tone below CC tuning. Clawhammer pickers would benefit by fitting black micro-tuner violin-type pegs and Nylgut strings for real authentic sound and feel. (See pics of Wendy's Dobson Victor showing this conversion. Fingerstyle has a complete set of these in stock including 5th string peg.) In new hard case - seller has fitted customised padding for snug, tailor-made fit.

On Consignment $1490.00 AUD - Reduced by owner now $1200.00 AUD - Sold

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