Chadwick Folding Double Bass - Pre-Loved - 2014

Chadwick Acoustic Folding Double Bass. A beautiful instrument setup by Charlie Chadwick in the USA.

Comes with a hard flight case. A great way to travel with a double bass. Cost to get a new one to Australia is $6100 including exchange rate, gst and customs duty.

Bass Facts:
The fingerboard is solid African ebony.
The top is made with a spruce veneer, which gives it the pin-striped look of a carved top.
The purfling is inlaid, front and back.
The finish is lacquer.
Bass and case together weigh less than 50lbs.
Folding bass dimensions, folded:
Length: 43.5”
Upper Bout width: 20”
Lower Bout width: 26”
Thickness: 9”
Overall length of bass with neck extended 73″
Scale length: 41 3/8″
Neck: D

Bass in very good condition with a couple of indentations in the laminate around the bridge and a few marks on the case. In Hard Travel Case $4100 - on consignment.

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